Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's 'cross season baby!

     This past weekend, I decided at the last minute to do the first cyclocross race of the season in Point Marion, PA.  I was too late to pre-register, so I had to do it day-of, knowing I would start at the back of the field.  Having just bought my first ever 'cross bike, I was comfortable starting off the back, not knowing what my level of fitness or skill would be against the other 37 racers.  I literally started at the back of the field, being the very last person to register!  The weather was perfect and the course was very smooth - not perfect 'cross weather, but I surely didn't complain!
     I got a good warm-up on my trainer, did 2 laps of the course, and was eager to get things started.  From the gun, I felt good - after the first 180, I started gradually passing racers, hoping not to embarrass myself on the barriers or the run-up on the back side of the course.  As it would turn out, I would only have a poor re-mount once and actually passed quite a few riders during the barrier and run-up transitions!  I am proud to say that I ended up 10th out of 38, very much exceeding my best expectations!  The spectators were great - whether they were team-mates or simply other racers or their families - every turn had someone cheering every racer on!  A special thanks to my parents who made the short drive up from Morgantown to see me race!

Thanks for reading,