Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tandem Family Fun

Since my road race season has ended and since I do not race cyclocross I have been searching for ways to keep myself somewhat in shape and have fun doing it.  I wanted to take a break from the road bike, but I didn't really feel like lacing up running shoes since I have been running since high school and just have not been able to get into it the last few years.  So lately I have been trying something new to me and my family.  Tandem bike riding.  I do not own a tandem and because of how much they cost I do not plan to anytime soon.  However, I have a couple friends who do own tandems and they our nice enough to let my wife, daughter and myself take it for a spin while they laugh and make fun of us. 

 Now please understand that these tandems are not fancy $10,000 road bike tandems.  These tandems have seats the size of my toilet seat and handlebars that appear to be off of my grandma's townie.  However, we seem to have fun tandem riding and it has been a way to get my family into cycling and that is the best part.

Oh yeah, and Mr. Gernert if you are ever in need of a stoker call me up.  :)

Thanks for reading,