Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh the Tour of Tucker Country. One race every year that pushes me to do “hilly” training rides and causes me to question my sanity in wanting to race one of the most challenging courses in the country. After a big day in my life, graduation from medical school, and a little time off to enjoy my vacation at the beach with classmates, I was back in the saddle and ready to ride.

 The family at my medical school graduation!

I have always been a better racer in cooler weather, so I was somewhat worried about the hot temperature.  But off we went!  I was without my partner in crime, teammate Ann Foreman, but we started with the Cat 5 men, so there was a good group to ride with to the first climb Location. At this point, I just tried to spin up the hills because I knew it was a long climb to the top. After reaching the top, I rode with another woman. I like this part of the course! I tried to keep up on water and salt. I was really happy to find out how great the CamelBak lemon-lime elixir tastes!! To the last climb I rode and was ready to make it to the top. I just pushed and pushed, and when I got past the Church on the steepest part, I knew I had made it. The heat did make the race more challenging, but I love to see how far I can push myself. Although, I had wanted to get a better time, I was pleased with my 4th place finish! Another solid ABRA road race on a beautiful WV course! Thanks to all our sponsors and my great teammates!

Kick butt picture thanks to Fred Jordan!