Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Off-Roading in June

After the Fort Classic, I was riding off the nice pavement and into the woods and onto the gravel. On  June 16, I participated in the WVMBA event Big Bear 2X12 bike relay. I teamed up with former Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling powered by Pathfinder rider Laura Kelly to complete 2 laps each of the awesome course. While we only competed against one other womens sport team, we were able to put in some solid lap times and take 2nd place. The race, including the Mountain fest event post-race, was great, and I hope more teams will participate next year. I love mountain biking in West Virginia!

Next up, THE HILLY BILLY! I have been looking forward to this race since last year when I got my first cross bike. I was nervous the week before the race, but I knew my months of training would get me through this tough race. I set a goal time for myself and the weather couldn’t have been better; I can’t imagine what that race would have been like after rain. I found a great riding partner and settled in for the suffer fest. I always know that I can complete anything that I put my mind to. I never thought that I would not finish the race, even when I saw several “causalities” at ever aid station. My strategy was to pace myself and keep well hydrated and nourished. I again relied on CamelBak lemon-lime elixir to keep up on electrolytes and Raw Revolution bars for fuel. I trucked along, somehow managed not to cramp up and finished in my goal time! I still do not know how JR Petsko found some of the “roads” on this race. What a great day to be a part of the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling powered by Pathfinder team!

Me and my riding Buddy!
Thanks Fred Jordan for all your great race pictures.