Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome to Cross...

Cross has arrived!!! And for me it started with ABRA’s Kick Off Cross.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been on a bike in months due to a crazy work schedule, moving into a new house, and traveling for work and weddings.  The only expectation I had for myself was to get muddy!  Mission accomplished!!!

Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder at Kick Off Cross

I’ve ridden a cross and mountain bike a handful of times, but not recently.  Something I’ve always struggled with on a mountain and cross bike is cornering.  Usually what runs through my head is “don’t die..You have to go to work tomorrow!”.  Well, thankfully I was able to attend Chris Mayhew’s and Eric Lundgren’s cross clinic not too long ago and we spent a good bit of time cornering!!!  This was definitely helpful for my first race.  I was able to pick good lines and not hit the brakes during any of the turns even the super muddy ones coming out of downhills! 
While I may not have been fast (by any standards)…actually barely moving at times because of the mud and my lack of endurance…It was a blast!! 

Shout out to all of my awesome teammates!  It is invaluable to have experienced racers there with me like Stephanie Lamb and Shawn Geiger giving me tire pressure tips.  Also where else can you find a teammate as selfless as Lamb offering to let teammates use her pit wheels or trade bikes if needed..the answer is no where!!  She is a one of a kind, class act!  EJ Hubstenberger hanging out in the pit cheering us on!  Cara Bacher who was nervous with me at the start and not knowing what to expect, but did awesome on only her second cross race!!!  Way to go!!!  Jeff Gernert who cheered and kept the fire going so we could all have a place to warm up post race!!!  Awesome job to all of my teammates who placed in the races also…Stephanie Lamb placed 5th in the elite 1,2,3 women’s race and 3rd in the 3,4 race… And Anna Lena who placed 2nd in the 3,4 race.

As always, JR Petsko and Gina Desmond—Thank you for providing awesome, fun, muddy races locally!!  This community would not be the same without you and ABRA!
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