Thursday, October 22, 2015

As the leaves turn

Well it is that time of year for cross racing!!!
Or it can be a good time to get in some cross training. It can be good to give your body a break from spinning circles to lighting weights or pounding the pavement/trail for some running. Even a good hike in the woods can will help use the muscles differently than they are used to.

As the fall turns into winter it may be time to break out the skis for some fun out in the snow. Cross country skiing uses the legs muscles similar to riding and if you get after it you can get your heart rate up to what you may see during the race season on the bike. Mountain bikes can be fun to play in the snow also. Especially night riding with some headlamps!
Whatever the weather brings there is always something that you can do outside even with the short days. Just make sure you have fun and #dowhatmovesyou!