Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Windham World Cup

After nationals, the next big race was the Windham World Cup in New York. The interesting thing about this race is that everybody does the same course. So that really fast guy, Nino Schurter, I got to race on the same course as him. The sad part about this race, its the last mountain bike race of the season. 

I went into this race telling myself I was just there for fun. All of the stress from training and Nationals was enough for one season, and I just wanted to relax and race my bike. I pre-rode the course on Friday morning with Veda and her dad, Glenn, and just rode however I wanted. We practiced a couple of the technical sections a few times, then headed back to the cabin to hangout. 

Temporary Home
The course is pretty short at just over 3 miles, and with only 3 laps my race ended up being a really short 9.21 miles, according to my garmin. Its not an easy 3 miles though, thats for sure. I racked up a serious 1919.3 feet of climbing over those 9.21 miles, it was rough. The downhills were sweet though, so it was worth it. There were a few technical sections, but none of it was too challenging. Overall, the course was pretty smooth and fast. 

I raced on Saturday at 10:30am, but I was over at the race venue at 8:00 to watch Veda race. I was killing some time riding around talking to different people I knew from the Talent ID Camp, and just enjoying the day. I did some hill sprints to warm up for my race, then went and sat at staging for a while. I was relaxed for the race, but I was still going to get a good start. It started off pretty hard on the hill, 2 guys off the front, but not too far. I passed one and caught the other, a friend from camp named Lucas, before the top of the hill. I jumped in front of Lucas right at the top of the climb and stayed there until the bottom of the descent. I went through the feedzone, getting my bottle and starting up the climb for the second time. Unfortunately, I was getting tired of climbing and Lucas was not. He pulled away from me about halfway through the climb and then I was sitting in second. Another person passed me part of the way down the descent and I was determined not to get too far behind him. I sat on his tail all the way down the descent and at the bottom we had caught up to Lucas. Again, I cruised through the feedzone, but this time I had to stop to fix a small chain problem and then get going again. The third time up the hill was a bit rough and I was not able to catch the 2 leaders, but nobody was in sight behind me. I got to the top of the climb, excited to fly down the hill and finish the race. I came across the line with a quick wheelie, and the race was over. I was kinda sad about not being able to ride the downhill more, but I was really happy that I didnt have to climb the hill anymore. 

Post Race Meal =
 Bacon Cheesburger
After waiting for about two hours for the podium, I finally got on and put my hands in the air. After the podium, I talked to the guy from Kenda Tires(sorry, I forget his name) about my setup and some of the new stuff they are coming out with. Then headed back to the cabin to get clean and take a nap. 

Me in 3rd, Lucas in 2nd, and Zeke in 1st
After my nap my dad and I headed back to the venue to watch the Redbull Berm Burners competition which was pretty awesome, and then went to get some food in town. Back at the cabin after dinner, I got the majority of my stuff packed up so I would be ready to put it all in the trailer and roll out in the morning. 

On Sunday, out last day, we went to watch the u23 men and the pro women race. They were pretty freakin fast. After their races, we hopped in the van for the long seven hour drive home. The most exciting part of the van ride home was probably playing Sonic Racing on the PS3 with Veda. I crushed her a few times and that's all I have to say about that. We arrived home around 1:00 in the morning and I was tired as heck! After a short reflection on the four days behind me, I fell asleep. 

Perfect Weather
I can't wait to go back again next year!

Thanks to Kenda Tires for keeping me on my line with the Slant Six tires, Cannandale for keeping my head safe and cool with the Cypher Helmet, and ProGold for keeping my bike squeaky clean with all their products!