Sunday, August 31, 2014

A year for first

These past few years, I've raced the ACA Oval series at the Bud Harris Cycling Oval (a half mile asphalt track). The series is a weekly training race that runs from April to the end of August. With points accumulating from June to the end of August. Each of these years, at the end of the series, I've finished 4th with no true individual wins. Although, I've come close a few times. With finishing 4th in the Juniors, C's (beginner class), and the B's (the sport/or intermediate class). Last year I was glad to help my teammate Devin compete for the overall (who sadly was beat out by our new teammate this year, Nate Clair), and to help earn our team the team championship (based on the points of the top three racers on a team per race). 
This year I started off actually doing both races on Wednesday nights; both the A's (the expert class) and the B's (with the occasional win in the B's). I was feeling pretty good and I thought that I'd have a chance at helping Nate and Devin in the A's. Though after a crash on a mountain bike ride, I took a week off. Then I raced the B's to see how I felt and to make sure I wasn't overlooking an injury. With a win in the B race, I was thinking I would have a chance at the overall. After talking it over with teammates, I was still contemplating whether to help them in the A's or go for the overall in the B's. I have some awesome teammates that offered to help me with the overall if I chose to.  
After racing for just over a month and a couple more wins I was sitting in 3rd overall. However; with 3 of us within 5 points (a maximum of 10 points a race) from each other, things would be interesting going into the final month of racing. With the help from some of the most awesome teammates; helping me keep calm in the race, advising on my tactics throughout the race, and ultimately providing me with a great lead out in the final lap. Without their help, I wouldn't have been as fortunate to win the overall. A big thank you to Devin, Ej, Jeff, and Nate. Thanks to Kenda Volares for keeping me rubber side down, Nalini Custom for keeping me comfortable on the bike, and for Pro Gold keeping my bike running smoothly.
Some awesome teammates take the 5 Mile Team Time Trial Champions 2014