Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daddy / Daughter MTB day

This past Saturday mommy had to work so Addie and I decided to get in a little nature time.  We picked out some easy trails close to home that we could both enjoy.  We knew it was going to be a hot day so we also had to make sure there would be a water source close by to cool off in. 

We both like to explore so finding new trails is always fun.  And when you get out in the woods nature always has something to offer you.  On this particular ride a little fawn enjoying her morning breakfast of flowers took an interest in us.  She actually let us get within feet of her.  It was really cool.

We mostly try to remember to say a word of prayer before heading out on a ride because you never know what could happen.  This summer we have experience cracked ribs, separated shoulder, stitches, chipped teeth, etc. so praying before rides have become part of our routine.  On this day we happened to find giant praying hands to pray beside.

Part of the enjoyment in mountain biking is finding various obstacles to ride.  However, the trails we picked out on this day did not offer much in the way of obstacles.  The one thing we did find though was a hiking trail that offered a descent onto a humped bridge that gave you a roller coaster effect. 

So I am not sure I would call this ride and “epic” ride.  However, it was definitely an “epic” day.  Nothing beats daddy and daughter time together on a gorgeous day out in nature exploring and witnessing all of God’s wonderful creations.

Thanks for reading.