Monday, June 2, 2014

The Greater Good

I've never really had the chance to work for someone in a bike race before.  I thought that this transition would be very difficult for me.  But, as I do more and more, it has become easier for me to instinctively play a role as a team mate and no longer a selfish individual.  I guess this comes from my years of playing hockey when "the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back."

As most everyone knows, my road season starts in February with collegiate cycling.  This collegiate season was one of will power.  And I think it was because of the sense that I was racing for my school and had team pride.  It wasn't that I raced well, it was that I raced.  I was able to get points for my team (just needed to place top 20) most of the times by finishing races others would not.  The result was helping WVU make nationals as a team for the first time since, we speculate, Rob Acciavatti, won a national championship.

I was somewhat saddened by what had come to an end, but eager for what was coming up, especially with another college rider joining me.  I got a few chances to help out for the "greater good" of DPT at the training race and the Clarksburg Grand Prix when we went winning 2 for 2.  However a race packed May, makes the legs and mind tired and it was time for some much needed R&R, and the hopes of learning how to ride as a domestique.  The sense of team pride can carry over to the summer season and my tired body can be fueled by will power once again.  I look forward to this every race now because I can know my efforts were not just for me but for a greater good.
      Leaving it all on the table at Clarksburg

I've always been so used to going from team mates that hang out all weekend from February all through April, to showing up to races by myself from May on, and my friends from college either not there or riding for someone else.  But then something amazing happened this year.  I realized there are amazing people on this team that I can hang out with and have my sense of humor still and I actually like!!  And the kicker: I get to race with them too!

 Having fun at team dinner

Having fun at staging.