Saturday, May 31, 2014

Breaking Through to the Other Side

My name is Devin Corboy and I guess I consider myself a road racer. I got into cycling early in 2005 when a high school friend asked if I wanted to go ride with his team. I was always into sports and was in good shape so I figured "what the hell-how hard could it be!" Needless to say I had a rude awakening. What the team thought was an easy group ride was nearly 10mph faster than I was able to pedal. Did I mention that was just the first 8 miles. Lucky for me a few guys were nice enough to slow up and finish out the ride with me. I survived the 40 mile ride that day (which was 20 miles longer than I had ever ridden) barely! Regardless - a road masochist was born. Maybe I wanted to continue riding because I felt like I lost a competition that day or maybe it was because I wanted to be as fast as the team was that day.  All I know is within weeks I had new cycling shoes, pedals and a bike fitting. I was going to give it everything to become a bike racer. And so I did...

It's 2014 and so much has changed in my life but the consistency of cycling remains. I race with a team of great guys and gals. We have a team director. The team is so fortunate to have sponsors to support our efforts. All these people help to push us to be better. They help to push our limits and support us to develop as athletes. We can't do it without them and we can be confident crossing  new thresholds knowing someone has our back.

So in this 2014 season I decided to step out of my comfort zone of the road and take to the dirt  with my mates. The idea has been in the back of my mind for a couple of years but I didn't have time, energy or finances to make it happen. Thanks to a team and great sponsors I was able to make that happen this season. I'm really glad I did!

Sometimes the best roads are the roads less traveled!
The Dirty Double was my first Off Road Race and I had a great time testing the new cross and mountain bikes in the West Virginia mountains. You can't help learning a little about yourself when suffering on the steep, dirty and muddy climbs. The experience was epic. It was such a special race and weekend overall. I can't wait for next year. 

Sometimes new roads can make you a little nervous. But you have to push through and test yourself...

Sometime new roads can block you completely but knowing your mates are there for you makes all the difference in the world...

... so you can build a bridge and ride it to success (and probably excess).

So maybe I did start cycling because I felt like I lost a competition on that group ride. But as I developed as a cyclist my perspective has changed. I look back now and see all the lessons have learned about my character and true grit (I said True Grit). I see the impact mentoring has had on the character of others. I can't help realizing that it's mostly about helping those around me be their best and trying to lead by example. We all give a lot of our lives to the sport of cycling and it seems to me cycling gives us as much if not more in return. So if you have friends or family (framily) that are caught up in the daily grind to nowhere-get them out on the bike where they can get in touch with nature, feel the wind in their hair and maybe learn a bit about their True Grit. I promise they will be happy they did it.