Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Taking Time Off To Heal

I have made the decision, or maybe I should say that my body has made the decision, to take time off of the bike to heal.  I had been nursing some shoulder pain that had recently come back from a mountain bike wreck in December that left me with a partially separated shoulder on my left side.  I had already scheduled another doctors’ appointment for this coming week and now I am really glad that I did.  This is because on Sunday I wrecked again crossing a bridge and dropping into a creek about 4 feet below to suffer some cracked ribs again on my left side.  God was definitely watching over me because it could have been a lot worse.  With all the rain that we have had the creek was full of water and muck that made the crash a lot less harmful.  The crash came at mile 23 of a 26 mile mountain bike race and I was able to get back on my trusty Cannondale from Pathfinder of WV and finish the race.

(Mohican MTB race)
For me taking time off the bike to heal injuries is really, really hard.  I am a type A, very hyper guy.  When I am forced to take time off I often struggle with depression and anxiety that leaves my wife wanting to knock me out.  At times like this I drive her completely crazy, but yet she still manages to handle it all quite well.

Even with the crash I had this past weekend, I must say it was a really fun weekend all-in-all.  My buddy and teammate Jeff traveled over to spend the weekend with me and my family and celebrate his birthday.  On Saturday we joined in on a nice and easy Stark County Bike Club ride followed by a delicious dinner cooked by my beautiful wife and some yummy DQ cake.  Oh yeah, and also a couple adult soda pops!  Sunday morning we got an early wake-up call to travel to the Eastern Ohio Time Trial.  Sunday was Jeff’s actual birthday and his candles were burning brightly as he smoked his competition taking the top block on the podium!  Way to represent Dynamic Physical Therapy powered by Pathfinder of WV Jeff Gernet!

(Happy Birthday Jeff)
After the time trial Jeff left for Pittsburgh and I headed down to Mohican for the mountain bike race.  It was a beautiful day and following the race, although I was quite sore, I got to enjoy the sun and see some sights with the family. We enjoyed a nice picnic table BBQ dinner and then walked around Landoll’s Mohican Castle.   A great weekend equals riding bikes, hanging out with friends, and spending quality time with the family!

(Addie girl at Landoll's Castle)
(Arryn & Addie at the castle)
Thanks for reading and God bless,