Friday, June 28, 2013

Rrrrrrrraccccccccing in June 2013

The Fort Classic Road Race
The weather for The Fort Classic each year is always troublesome and has no middle ground.  It is either cold and raining or hot and humid (that’s it).  However, this year is was actually rather nice, so I was very skeptical on what was going to happen during the race since the abnormal weather had me out of my comfort zone, so I opted for the Masters 40+ race this year and it was a blast.  The field size was about 30 riders or so with some pretty heavy hitters, so it was going to be a hard day in the saddle since all Masters race together (40, 50 and 60+).

We started off on our 7 lap journey at a reasonable pace and hit the first little “up” in grand style and I crested the top in first position of the group.  Some attacks tried to go away throughout the laps, but could never seem to “stick.”  I was growing a little frustrated with the pace at points (for masters it was slow), so when it was my turn to take a pull, I just put me head down and did a strong effort.  I would look back, and the group would just let me ride right off the front, so I just kept going.  They would eventually pull me back around the start/finish line and then the cycle would repeat itself over the course of the next 5 laps.  HOWEVER, on lap 7, Frankie Ross (Masters 40+) put in a nice attack and two others were soon to follow.  I thought to myself, that I should go with this attack, but there were a few other strong riders that did not go with him  that I was sure would close the gap and I would get a free ride to the break and then I could counter attack when we bridged.

Live To Fight Another Day

Sure enough, we closed the gap to within 30 seconds and then the folks that were driving the group realized that there was no one in their age category (Masters 50+) in the break, so they shut it down and stopped racing.  I was forced to throw my cards on the table and I counter attacked as soon as that happened, and basically led out the sprint for the others. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes, but I’ll live to fight another day!!!

I tricked JR into standing by me.....


Note The Fancy New Kicks...

Bud Harris Grand Prix
Todd ‘The Masher’ Hauber was in the points lead for the ABRA crit series going into this race, so we were all committed to giving him the win in this race and retaining the series points lead.  The race didn’t break up all that much and Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered By Pathfinder were definitely the animators of the race (especially Devin Corboy).   The team as a whole, attacked all race long to get things going, but it just seemed like nothing would stick.  At one point in the race, I noticed that the second and third place riders in the overall points for the series were up the road in a break, so I told Todd to get on my wheel and I would bridge him to it.  I put in a substantial effort and closed the gap to the break in no time.  Pretty much spent from that effort, I swung off and Todd catapulted to the break and I sat up and waited for the field to catch up.  As it turned out, that break did not stick either, so the race was going to come down to a field sprint.  The bell rang, and it was one lap to go, and I had to punch my time card for the day.  I got to the front, followed by Devin, and Todd.  The lead out train was at full speed and approaching the station.   I took my turn ant the front and it was then up to Devin and Todd to close the deal for the day.  Alas, it was not meant to be that day, but that’s how it goes in bike racing.  Overall, we still kicked butt and rode like a team, but more importantly….WE HAD FUN and that’s what it’s all about my friends.

Masher on The Podium.....