Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Fathers Day Ever!

On Sunday, June 16th I received the best father's day gift a cycling daddy could ask for.  I got to compete in a bike race with my beautiful 7yr old Addie girl.  Well, it was actually a Time Trial.  We rode together in the stoker / kid category and I must admit the girl was putting out a lot of watts!  Especially since her daddy was trying to save his legs for his run following.


This cycling season has brought a new kind of fun to me on the bike because two nights a week I have been training with my daughter. We either ride together on the tag along or we load the bikes up in the truck and drive to the school parking lot nearby to do intervals and practice our criterium racing skills. Last week we even hit up some trails to give Addie her first MTB experience.

 As a cyclist one of the best experiences has to be standing on the podium with arms raised. The few times that I got to experience that feeling was amazing, however, on father’s day I experienced something even more amazing. That was the chance to stand on the podium with my daughter!

It is also super motivating to have my Addie girl out there cheering me on.  When she is out there it makes me want to push harder to give my very best.  I guess I feel that if she sees me out there giving it my all and never giving up no matter how I place in a given field then hopefully she will have the same attitude. 

I really hope that Addie can get the same joy and happiness out of riding a bike that I get on every single ride.  However, even if she pursues other things as she gets older I am blessed that God has given me this time right now to enjoy this fine sport with my daughter.  Most non-cycling adults just don’t understand why someone would want to ride there bike everyday especially after a long day at work or in ugly weather.  To be honest, I really can’t explain it myself.  All I know is that riding my bike brings me so many things: joy, peace, relaxation, a sense of fulfillment, a closer relationship to my Savior as I often talk to Him on my solo rides, and it fills my competitive juices.


Above all I want to thank God for giving me the ability and the health to ride a bike be it in a race, a club ride, a team ride, a ride with my daughter, or a solo spin even if it's on the rollers.  I also want to thank my wife who supports my passion for the sport and often times goes with me to my races.  Being part of the Dynamic Physical Therapy cycling team powered by Pathfinder makes racing a bike that much more fun.  I really enjoy hanging out and riding with every single one of my teammates.  I also cannot say thank you enough to all of our sponsors.  Cycling can be a very expensive sport and the help from our sponsors goes a long way.  Please help me support all of these generous companies: