Monday, July 9, 2012

That was kinda fun!

For me if a race doesn't have any long climbs I mostly don't get very excited.  So when I decided to go try out one of JR's Oval Series races I looked at it has a daddy-daughter road trip with my wife being out-of-town and a good workout for myself, but not really all that fun.  I was actually wrong because I did have fun.  I didn't do well at all, but I did get in a good workout racing around the very cool oval track and my daughter had a great time having the chance to ride her bike as well.  I was a little disappointed though that my daughter got a medal and I did not.
It was also great getting to hangout with teammates Jeff, Shawn and Brian since I have not seen them in awhile.  Plus, my daughter had a great time hanging out with Gina.  Thanks Gina.  Needless to say I will for sure hit up a couple more ABRA Oval Series races before the end of the season.