Monday, July 30, 2012

All I (wanna do is) quit Crit

So this past weekend I went to the Aliquippa Crit to get in one last workout before the Tour of Catskills.  My legs were already in the hurt box going into the race from a tough week of training and all I wanted to do was: A) help out teammates  B) get in a good workout and C) finish the race "upright".  Right before the Cat3/4 race I quickly mixed up a bottle of CamelBak Elixir drink mix into my nice CamelBak Podium bottle and slammed a Honey Stinger gel and was ready to roll. Throughout the race I tried my best to help out teammate Brian who is doing extremely well in the ACS series by covering attacks.  I was able to help out some, however, Jeff was the true ace in helping out Brian get into the final sprint where Brian really came through.  Great job Brian on the 2nd place!  After the Cat3/4 race I again slammed another Honey Stinger gel as I listened to my daughter tell me how bored she was and how she was ready to go.  My intent was to double up, however, after 1 lap that idea quickly went out the door because my legs were complete toast.  I rolled into the parking lot and chatted with Jeff briefly before heading over to the car to drink another 48oz of CamelBak Elixir drink.  Unfortunately I am currently out of both Honey Stinger Waffles and Raw Revolution bars so I had to settle for a "not as good" nutrition bar I bought at a gas station on the way to the race.  Even though my legs crapped out on me this past Sunday my Kenda Kountach tires once again came through. 

Thanks again to all of Dynamic Physical Therapy powered by Pathfinder cycling 2012 team sponsors.