Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Night 'Solo' Hammer Ride

Last night was arguably the fastest training ride that I've ever done. This came off 2 days of not touching the bike, and a night of me dreaming that I put the bike up for good and got back into running. Lately I have been feeling some boredom and staleness when it comes to cycling, thus the relevance to the dream. In all honesty though, I am eager to get back into running, but I'm dedicated to the bike for now. Following this summer, I do have intentions to get back to my competitive running routes, with a few goals in mind, including -- My second marathon, hoping to break 2hr 30min (5:43 pace/mile), which should be very doable. And the more lofty goal of hitting the 1/2 marathon Olympic trials qualifying standard within the next 4 years. That would require 13.1 miles under 1hr 5min (4:57 pace/mile...yea thats no joking around. Sounds downright painful).

So as for yesterday's bike ride, I almost put up a 3rd day in a row of no riding due to the rain, but I eventually got my lazy butt out the door around 6pm. The route was the standard Hammer-ride route of the Wednesday night Morgantown group. 42 miles total as I started and stopped my bike computer upon leaving and returning to my driveway. Worst part about starting a bike ride from my house (Stanley Street, off of West Run Rd.) is that I have to climb the Van Voorhis hill within 1/4 mile of leaving my house -- Not quite the ideal warm up. So out Patteson Drive, down to Star City, out RT 100, to RT 19, and out Big Shannon Rd. Turned around and came back RT 19 until I was back in Westover Morgantown (standard Wed hammer ride route). Then back up Beechurst Ave, to Patteson Drive, Up Riddle Ave, West Run Rd, and Home. There you have it, 42 miles of hammering.

Ride Stats:
42 miles
Avg Speed: 21.8mph
Total Ascent: 2,260 ft
Total time: 1hr 55min
Avg HR: 155bpm (very high for me)

I had set out for a moderate intensity ride with no intentions of pushing too hard. 15 miles into the ride my average speed was 20.4mph at an average HR of 140bpm. At this point I didn't feel like I was pushing hard at all, so I decided it was a good day to go ahead and hammer the legs. About 2/3 of the way through the ride I decided I was going to try to finish with an average speed of 22mph. The final 2 hills/climbs up Beechurst and Riddle Ave (Steepness!) dropped me below my goal pace, but it wasn't for lack of effort, as I had an average HR of 170bpm over the last 15 miles. I did stop for a total of about 1min midway through the ride to cram down a Honey Stinger waffle. I'm sure that extra full came in handy during the later parts of the ride. All in all it was a good ride even though the roads were wet and sloppy with a light mist of rain in the air.

Pre-ride lunch -- potato salad + salad with avocado and tomato

Post-ride legs of filth

Post-ride soaking tired legs in bath (somebody wanted to join)

As of this past weekend...Dr. Brad (I'm the awkward kid next to the pretty girl)