Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midseason Break

Following the Greene County Road Race, I took a few weeks off from racing. 17 races since mid-February is enough to wear anyone out! Plus, its always a good idea to take a break every once and a while to prevent burnout. Suffice to say, its been nice not having to travel every weekend, and just go ride instead. Last week, I was able to take a break from school (grad school is year round for me) and head home. Unlike most people on the team, I'm not actually from West Pennsylginya, but rather Western New York (Rochester to be exact). Now, when it comes to riding, the difference between Morgantown riding and Rochester riding are like night and day. Whereas in Morgantown, its extremely difficult to find any sort of flat road, up north, there is nothing but.

Does it ever end!?
That isn't to say the roads are any less fun, just different scenery. Such as large bodies of freshwater.

End of the line - Lake Ontario shoreline.
Of course, riding on the shore of Lake Ontario also brings with it different weather conditions. Namely, headwinds. All.. the.. time. Its not uncommon to always have a strong wind blowing to the east, which is great when riding in that direction (holding 23mph effortlessly for miles is pretty sweet), but a major pain when not, One thing I think we get to take for granted in the West Pennsylginia region is that while the hills can sometimes be a pain, rarely is the wind an issue.
My break has since ended, and the taste for racing is back. Next up for me is rounds 3 and 4 of the ABRA road series, the Tour of Tucker County and the Fort Classic. Hopefully the rest turns out to be as good for the legs as it was for the mind and I'll be able to catch up to my teammates in the results column in the summer season.