Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Criteriums, Criteriums, Criteriums.

Ever since the Greene County Road Race took place in mid April the only racing around me has been criteriums.  Most of my friends and fellow teammates know that I really do not care for criterium racing.  I have also been fighting with a sinus infection since the Greene County Road Race.  That being said I am really looking forward to the hilly Tour of Tucker County Road Race and getting rid of this sinus infection once and for all.  Regarding the sinus infection I did consult with my doctor, the well known Dr. BearClaw, and he advised me to NOT rest, increase my training hours, continue to race the much disliked criteriums in the area and go on an organic diet.  So I have been following his advice and doing just that.  I have been living on Honey Stinger Waffles and Raw Revolution Chocolate & Cashew bars. Hey, it’s a SuperFoodBar so I am sure to get better soon right?  I have also been racing the local criteriums and my Swiftwick arm warmers are doing a great job at wiping the snot off of my face.  Oh yeah, they also keep my arms warm on these cool spring mornings.  I just wish my biceps were a little bigger to keep them in place.  This past weekend I got to race with my good friend and fellow teammate Ben Kuhlman at the RATL criterium in Munroe Falls, OH.  Ben did a great job at pushing the pace and keeping the race moving fast.  I, on the other hand, suffered for an hour to stay attached to the field.  I ended up mid-pack of the field sprint finish as there were no breakaways.  Although I did not do very well I am happy to report that my Kenda Kountach tires kept me upright.  That is always a good thing to report back.  I do recommend the tires highly.  Well, hopefully you are not asleep by now and thanks for reading.