Saturday, April 28, 2012

Greene County Road Race 4/5 podium

One of our commitments when we accept our invitation to ride for the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder is to share our adventures once a month in the form of this blog.  If you've followed any of my previous additions, you've probably picked up on the fact that I LOVE to talk and can get pretty long winded (or whatever the digital equivalent is). But it just dawned on me that it has been a month since I last posted here and I was almost "that guy" who didn't hold up my end of the responsibility. I know I have started to recap numerous races in the past 4 weeks, but something almost always seems to get in my way of getting it done. So here is a real brief recap on my month of April....

4/7/2012      Morgantown Road Race                              4/5            24 out of 75
4/10/2012    ACA Tuesday Night Crit                              4/5              2 out of 23
4/11/2012    ACA Wednesday Night Crit                        3/4               6 out of 14
4/14/2012    Clarksburg Grand Prix                                 Masters        6 out of 9
                    Clarksburg Grand Prix                                 3/4             18 out of 30
4/17/2012     ACA Tuesday Night Crit                            4/5               2 out of 34
4/18/2012    ACA Wednesday Night Crit                        3/4               7 out of 39
4/21/2012    Greene County Road Race                          4/5               3 out of 26
4/24/2012    ACA Tuesday Night Crit                             4/5             17 out of 18 (broken spoke)
4/25/2012    ACA Wednesday Night Crit                        3/4               3 out of 33
4/27/2012    ABRA Oval Race #1                                   Masters       7 out of 9
                    ABRA Oval Race #1                                   4/5              5 out of ~15
                    ABRA Oval Race #1                                   3/4              DFL out of ~12
4/28/2012    Steel City Showdown                                  3/4              ?????

L to R: Anne Foreman, Gerry Audet, Chris Jones, James Braswell, Jeff Gernert
 While I am pleased with my early season form, what I have been extremely excited about is the TEAM. Being around these guys and gals has been more than I could have expected when I signed on last fall. We just get along and somehow find away to expoit eachother's strengths and hide our weaknesses. I can't wait until we can really gel and we are all on top form later this summer. I'm thinking the Tour of the Valley might be a perfect place for this team to shine.