Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just left with wet roads.

On Saturday I found my way to the second race of the ABRA Crit Series just below Union Town. The weather had been pretty nasty all day, and I really wasn’t in the mood to race. The 1/2/3 race started at 4 o’clock, and luckily by that time most of rain had slacked off and just left wet roads. We started the race, and for the most part it was pretty easy for the first few laps which was a good thing for me since I didn’t get much of a warm up. The pace was on and off for most of the race, with there being a small hill that everyone sprinted up every lap. The hill was too short of a climb, and too far from the start/finish line to do much good of anything. With about 5 or 6 laps to go, there was a $20 prime lap. I really didn’t think I had much of a chance of snagging it, but I thought what the hell and pushed to the front. Going in the last turn before the line, I sprinted out and won the prime. I spun for the next few laps, and then it was the final sprint. I finished 10th on the day.

On Sunday, I passed on the Big Showdown in Pittsburgh and made my way to Big Bear Lake. It was cold and windy on top of the mountain. I pulled out the single speed once again and found my way to the 2nd row for the noon start time lined up, behind fast Guy JPok. We took off and after 100 yards had a quick 180 turn. I got out in good position, and hitting the woods section just behind the lead pack of geared guys, and no one really behind me. I found a good rhythm. We got up by the lake, and dropped down into some single track. The markings were not the best and I found myself off the trail and was losing time. I got caught by Marc G., Jeremy R. and Teammate Robbie L. as we hit the next climb. Jeremy and I were able to get a good gap and get away. My plan was just to pace off Jeremy which was working for the most part till we hit the crack trail. I found myself following too close and lipped one of the 2 foot rock drops, and hit a tree. As I got my bearings back and start riding again, I got down to the big boulders and could see Robbie behind me again. Once out of the rocks, there was a pretty good climb back up so I was able to bridge back up to Jeremy and ride with him again. We spun for a while and then hit the top. It was really windy on top, and one of my contact lens decided to fly out. I made it over to the 24 hour course and just kept the pedals turning. As I get back over to the dam, I looked back and could see Robbie. I picked the pace back up and came around the last turn suddenly a stick kicks up and throws my chain off with the finish line in sight. The 2nd place was right behind me and knowing it would take longer to put it back on, I decided run to the finish line. It was my first win of the year with 8th overall on the day and 10 minutes off the winner.

Later, Nate Annon