Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wait, why are there other dudes dressed like me…?

As winter had loosed its grip over the area and an increasing amount of decent days helped get me back in the swing of riding, I started to notice a strange thing happening. I was beginning to ride with a lot of other people wearing the same kit as I was. How could this be? It has been so long since something like this happened out on the roads. How long? Well I thought about it and the answer is 20 or so years! Yep, not since the early-mid 90’s have I been on a such a comprehensive team. I must say I really missed it!

While I mainly train alone I have always been a “team” guy, I enjoy the structured environment of one. I also love having a large group of teammates enjoying a sport as much as I do. I haven’t had that in quite a long time and for the last few years prior to this one I was hoping to find it again. With each passing week, as we have more team training rides and races together, I feel the team atmosphere will continue to grow. Of course bike racing ain’t easy and we’ll each have our bad and good days on the bike but it will be great to have teammates to share all those days with the rest of the year and beyond.