Monday, March 28, 2016

The Beginning of the End

As my spring break comes to an end, I begin the last quarter of my senior year of high school. After that I have summer break and then the next chapter of my life begins. It's pretty strange for me to think about: it seems like just yesterday I was a freshman in high school and tomorrow I'll be a freshman in college. Before you know it I'll be sixty-something, writing a blog about how I am about to retire. But that's a long ways away and it's best to live in the present.

Being the end of my senior year, I really don't have that much school stuff to do. I have two study halls every day, so the only work I really have to do at home is math homework and the occasional writing for my Creative Writing class. This lack of excessive work has freed up some time outside of school for me to enjoy this wonderful weather that we've been having. Here are some photos from my endeavors!

I asked my Girlfriend to prom!

I went longboarding(many times)

Remember that nice weather I mentioned? Unfortunately it didn't make it to this race

Fortunately a few days later I was able to ride with exposed arms and legs! 
A beautiful skyline on a beautiful car, to finish it off
Spring is here and soon it will be summer. I'm excited for all the great times and memories I will make with all my great friends and family before I begin the next chapter of my life!