Saturday, May 30, 2015

What’s Most Important in Life? Is there a thing Such as Fate?

So, what is most important in life?  Is there a force in the universe called fate? To me, the answer is easy, doing what you love and being surrounded by positive, and open minded people, and yes, there is...

I believe that everyone has a path or journey that has been pre-determined for them and that we are guided down that path each day.  Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had not made certain choices along the way?  Where would you be? Would you be doing what you are now?

Last Ride Before Nepal

I definitely know that my course is to be working at my present job, the last 11 years, and have the best group of friends anyone could hope to have.  Each day I am thankful for what my life is, what it will be and cannot imagine it any other way. Life is most oftentimes hectic, but when we are afforded the opportunity to slow it down and look around, I am amazed at how much I appreciate what I have experienced and with whom I have experienced it.

CX bikes anyone?!?!?!
So the next time that you are feeling like your life is not how you imagined it would be, stop, look around, and realize you are lucky to be where you are and are lucky to have met the people that you have because life is short, SO ENJOY IT!!!!!

Team Camp Shenanigans