Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All We Want for Christmas is .......

Dear Santa,

For Christmas the only thing that the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder would like is all new Cannondale bicycles for each team member.  If you are unable to make these in your workshop then you could always pick them up at Pathfinder in Morgantown, WV.  Please make sure that all bikes come with Kenda tires.  Also, please fill our stockings with ProGold products so we can keep our new bikes nice and shiny and well lubed.  We will be sure to set out some fine brews from Morgantown Brewing Company and Apothecary Ale House & CafĂ©.  Along with the fine brews we will also set out some delicious goodies from Patti's Pasticceria

Also Santa, I would recommend you picking up a new bike for yourself to shed some of that excess weight that you are currently carrying around.  I am assuming that you currently have no cycling gear so I will recommend Red Rose Imports - Europe's Finest Cycling Products!

Thanks Santa!