Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winter Cross Training

As spring arrives and the first road race of the ABRA season in the books, I’m reflecting on the winter of 2014 and beginning to wonder if my offseason “training” was enough to maintain or improve on my level of fitness from last year.   During the holiday season and unusually cold winter this year, I searched for some motivation to exercise.  The 2014 cycling season was too far away to use as my “carrot on a string”.  But, television coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics would prove to be a factor in getting me outside, or at least a diversion to exercising inside on the dreaded trainer.  With all of the various sports showcased in the Olympics, I was sure to be inspired for some cross-training. 

XC Skiing in the Fields
(for endurance...but mostly balance)

Snow Tubing
(not really sure how it benefited)

Snow Shoveling My Driveway
(for strength training...and to get home)

And, Recovery
(an important part of any winter training program)

I'm not really sure if my winter olympic “cross training” provided any benefit to my first road race of the season.  But, I felt much better than I had expected.  And, although I didn’t have a podium finish, I was pleased with my effort and performance, particularly when compared to last season. 

Cycling photos courtesy of Fred Jordan

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