Monday, March 24, 2014

Viva la Suenos-A Mexican Pictorial

Days in Mexico for me usually begin here on the roof with a cup of coffee and a nice view of the East side of Isla Mujeres. I can have a beautiful view and check out the morning traffic before starting out for morning training.

Mara Villa Caribe,  Isla Mujeres 
I recommend getting in a nice breakfast before doing any hard training. I like to work on sprints and 20 minute intervals here because there is a variety of terrain. I fuel up heavily before I roll out.

Breakfast on the Villa private beach
7am is the time of choice to get on the road. It gets pretty hot mid-day so I like to be back in by 10 or 11.

Getting on with it-Isla Mujeres 
2 long stretches of road make Isla Mujeres perfect for intervals. The views are awesome for dulling the pain or enjoying the recovery.

Open Roads

All Roads have a View

Spending so much time on the bike would typically be a problem but Caito loves to collect sea glass for jewelry designs and ride around in her Barbie Car while I train!

After many hard days on the bike we decided to head off the island and into the Jungle. This year we went to Chichen Itza. This is the best time of year for a visit as it is the Spring Equinox. The most special time for the Mayan people. History tells us that they believe it the combining of the Earthworld and the Underworld. A perfect time to make wishes to the Gods.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza
We drum and dance to summon the Serpent Kulkukan!

Tribal Drums to Summon the Cycling Gods

Dance to Summon the Cycling Gods

I not very superstitious but decided this was the perfect time to prey to the Gods for a safe and productive year! The story says that at the moment of the Equinox a Serpent Snake Spirit (called Kulkukan) will slither down the side of the pyramid El Castillo and into the underworld. I decided to follow him.

Kulkukan to the Underworld
I climb deep to wrestle Kulkukan.

Cenote Snake Wrestling
I defeated him so the Mayan people danced in my honor!

Devin was Victorious!
 They put me on the Local Mayan liquor Label!

I'm Famous Here!

All the fame must have gone to my head. Caito was not very happy so she decided to put life back into perspective.


No Way Jose

Got it!

Wow-that was close. I guess I should include Caito on a recovery spin.

After 10 days of hard training it's time to put the legs up. Hopefully I will have a chance to balance some of those wicked tan lines.


In the end I remind myself that it is a privilege to be supported by such great teammates and sponsors. Cycling is a difficult road to travel. We spend much time and money in order to live up to our own expectations, fulfill dreams and play a part in something bigger than ourselves- Our Team. All of the help during our journey is needed, welcomed and apppreciated. We can't do what we love without You. Thanks Team!

12 days later and 4 lbs lighter