Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey Old Man Winter…………………I’m not a fan!

I have never been one who disliked Ohio winters.  However, in 2014 that seems to be changing.  I have always enjoyed building snowmen, going sled riding and all the other fun activities that one can do in the snow.  Including riding bikes!  However, 2014 is proving to be very hard to enjoy the snow.  For example, last week we get a nice snowfall of 6 inches which would be quite fun to go mountain biking in.  However, on top of the 6 inches of snow we get rain which makes cycling in fun white powder turn into trying to cycle through something similar to wet cement.  I actually drove 40 minutes to the nearest mountain bike trail, which is a 3.5 mile very flat single speed loop, only to find that nobody had been out on the trail.  I decided since I made the drive I would give it a shot.  I think I officially set the slowest lap time because it took me over an hour to do the 3.5 mile loop, which included a lot of “hike-a-bike” ing!  I have resisted the “Fat Bike” craze thus far, however, I see a Charge Cooker Maxi from Pathfinder in my near future.  The problem is that this winter has also been the coldest in a long time.  I normally don’t mind cold temps, but under 5 degrees even makes going slow in the woods a very cold experience!  I know, I know that Pathfinder also carries skis and snowboards, but I prefer to spend my money on bikes!  Well, I could continue on complaining about how I also hate to ride the trainer, but since I have already done enough complaining with this blog I think I should just wrap it up, or suck it up, get off-line and get on the trainer!

Cheers to all and thanks for reading!