Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don’t let the snow and below normal temperatures fool you…………..

…… because it really is March.  Like it or not the 2014 racing season is beginning. 

Still out of shape? Yes! 

Has your training been lacking? Yes!

Are you ready to race your bike anyways? HECK YEAH!!!!!!

Even with this crazy weather coming into March I am still enjoying it.  We got training camp the first week of the month followed by the first race of the season and McDonalds is once again selling Shamrock Shakes.  Yep, Life Is Good!                  

Although if I cut back on the shakes and got on the bike a little more I would probably be a little bit better prepared for the beginning of this season.  However, I decided to make this season a “race yourself into shape season”. 

My road bike has found itself collecting dust this winter.  In fact, I am pretty sure it has not been ridden since August.  No worries though because MTBing has brought a new found happiness into my life and into my family’s life as well.  This past winter we have all been hitting the trails and when the weather got really bad we would take a road trip to Rays Indoor MTB Park.  My daughter is very happy with her new Cannondale Trail 24er from Pathfinder.  I am very happy with my new Cannondale Flash 29er from Pathfinder.  And now my wife is asking me when she will be getting her new bike as well.  After looking at many different bikes we our still unsure what to get her.  So I am going to ask you all for help in this decision.  Please leave a comment on what you think she should get.  Arryn is 5’3” so even a small 29er could possibly be too big.  However, she likes the fact that a 29er would roll over terrain much better than a 26er.  So I then started to think maybe we could go with a happy medium in a 650B / 27.5”.  And now she is starting to think that maybe even a Fat Bike would be fun.  So what do you all think a 5’3” casual rider who wants to hit some easy to moderate trails strictly for fun should get?