Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year = New Rules!

Rang in the new year with Amber

And with Billy, Arryn, and Addie Slutz
2013 is behind me and I no option but to move forward. Its ok to look back to see where I came from and to maybe learn from my mistakes, but I have to keep moving forward to keep finding happiness. So, 2014 is about moving forward and trying to improve myself in so many different ways. As we all know, Albert Einstein said that insanity is repeating the same steps over and over and expecting a different result. So if I repeat what I did last year, I have no chance of obtaining better results or greater happiness in the coming year, unless I make a few changes. So I quickly jotted down some ideas for new rules to live by in regards to cycling, and I hope to make them stick.


Rule #1 Ride the damned bike-- Last year I spent way too much time riding the couch instead of riding the bike. Its not always easy when I have to watch Mackenzie, but I have to work around the schedule and find opportunities to put the rubber to the road. No more excuses, just solutions!

Rule #2 Crosstrain-- OK, so there are going to be times when I just cant work a ride into the mix, but I can always steal 20 minutes and go for a run, or work on core exercises, or even just go for a brisk walk.  Maybe NOT as beneficial as a ride, but it will definitely pay bigger dividends than channel surfing.

Rule #3 Drop some (make that LOTS of) weight-- started 2014 at 241#'s, the most I've weighed in almost 6 years.  I'm not going to diet like so many resolutionists out there, but I will watch my diet closely. I'm giving up soda (wish I could stomach the taste of coffee for the caffeine), I'm eating more vegetables, I'm eating smaller meals,I'm but eating more of them. Week #1 concludes with a total weight loss of 6#'s. But those are the easy 6, I figure the next 36 will be the tough ones.

Rule #4 Set Goals-- Not just major year end goals, but little monumental and incremental goals along the way. Just like anyone else, I like the rush of meeting or exceeding a goal, so I am making it easier to keep having intrinsic rewards along the way. Trainer goal #1 was already accomplished in week #1 and tonight I go after trainer goal #2 during the Pens v. Canucks game. Hope the 10PM start doesn't kill me in the morning....

Rule #5 HTFU-- this is an oldie but a goldie. Its too easy for me to find an excuse to do something besides ride the bike or do a workout. But I need to keep putting my best foot forward in 2014 to get where I want to be. 

And PLEASE don't be afraid to call me out if you think I'm not sticking to my own rules. I will most likely appreciate the forced refocus!