Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend Racing in the Midwest

Memorial weekend I traveled to Iowa and Illinois to do three criteriums. They were a lot of fun but it rained almost all weekend. The weekend started with Snake Alley Criterium. The rain poured for my entire race so riding up the brick/cobble stone winding road was a little slick but still fun. The corners on the way down the hill around the block were a little concerning since some parts of the road looked like there was a little river running down the street. The rain let up just after my dad's race started but everything was still wet for the rest of the day. 

The second day was the Melon City Criterium, it rained on and off during my race. The course had a big speed bump at the bottom of the hill so every lap we got a little bit of air when we hit the speed bump at about 30 mph. I got 7th out of 17 in this race which was a little disappointing since payout went  to 6 places but overall I felt great during the race. The entire weekend was part of the junior development series. I've never seen that many people in the junior fields as well as a fair amount of junior women.

The third day was the Quad Cities Criterium. Finally no rain during my race! This was a really good thing since this course has 8 corners which all have cobble stone cross walks which would have probably caused a few people to slide out around the corners if it was raining. Also this course was totally flat which was weird to be able to ride about 15 miles without climbing at all. My field had 30 women start the race, there were a few attacks throughout the race but most of the field stayed together since the pack finished with 24 people.