Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Training

       Even though the winter has been mild, it's still kept me from riding outside as much as I would have liked.  Fortunately, our wonderful sponsor Performance Coaching Services has supplied me with a healthy dose of indoor bike trainer workouts that should ensure I will ride stronger than ever for this upcoming season.

Good Photo Op in White Park
       When I'm not confined to the indoors, I have been discovering my love for Mountain Biking, something I'd never really gotten into before.  The slower speeds I reach on the trails keep the cold form getting to me quite as soon, and since I live not 300ft from a decent trail system, I'm not to far from home when I finally do wuss out because of the low temperatures.
       And thanks to Pathfinder, I have easy access to all sorts of wonderful components, and the know-how needed to upgrade my ride, those guys are the best.

Also, just incase anyone thinks that Billy's dog, Bailey is Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered By Pathfinder's biggest (canine) fan...

Think again.