Saturday, February 23, 2013

Its almost here.......

Just 2 more weeks until the race season kicks off with the first ABRA training race in Fairchance, PA.  Although I am not even close to being in the shape I wanted to at this time I am still excited to start racing and hanging out with my Dynamic Physical Therapy cycling teammates.  I also have a pretty good support crew.  See below:
(My daddy is cool because he is part of the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder.)
Ok so I'm really not cool, but my 7yr old Addie girl thinks I am so that's cool right?  Plus our dog Bailey boy is a big supporter of the DPT cycling team.
(Bailey Boy)

Unfortunately we found out this week that our 14yr old companion has congestive heart failure and cancer in his front paw so he will probably not be with us much longer.  Until that time comes though he will be getting lots of extra special love.  And a great way to always remember him is by getting a sketch of him drawn by one of our team sponsors "Sketches by Anne." 

                                               (Addie girl and Bailey boy)

Unfortunately I do not live close to most of my teammates so I miss out on many of the team training rides.  However, I do have a couple good buddies who enjoy putting me through pain on our weekend rides.  This weekend they punished me by doing a single speed ride with over 3,600ft gain.  This was the first, "and most likely the last", time that I will ever climb this much on a single speed.
(This is Joe who is 17yrs old and I like to ride with him because it makes me feel a little younger.)

(This is Jim who I ride with almost every Saturday and almost every Saturday Jim out-sprints me for every single green city limit sign we ride by. I call him bad names under my breath, but he really is a great guy.)

To all my teammates I hope you had a great ride today and I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.

God Bless,