Sunday, August 19, 2012

Macarons as Motivation

If you happen to be out riding, and you find yourself near Rising Creek Bakery in Mt. Morris, then I recommend you stop in. They are super friendly to cyclists, and they were even a sponsor of an ABRA race early in the season.

I often set up self-management contingencies with myself (I am a behavior analyst after all) during solo road rides when I am riding out of and around Mt. Morris.  An example of such a contingency would be: if I ride 40 miles, then I get to buy some macarons when my ride is over. Highly motivating!

Derek loves peanut butter, so I often buy him one of these when I stop in:
This delicious specimen is a Rising Creek nutter butter.

My personal favorites are the aforementioned macarons. Light, almondy, and delicious. Their breakfasts and lunches are delicious too. My brother raves about their tomato gravy. 

Do some hill repeats then scarf some nutter butters. You deserve it.

*They did not pay me to say any of this. I love those macarons that much.