Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, March 18th marked the first training race on the season for me and a few teammates.  I wound up racing in the Men's 1-2-3 field with new teammates Brad and Billy.  I have raced against both guys the past few years and gotten to know them both during races, so I am proud to have them as teammates this season.  The race would be approximately 23 laps for a total of 35 miles of a lumpy course with a pretty steady wind.  The final stretch into the finish line had a stout headwind, so the final would be a slow-speed sprint.  The first 10 laps I spent covering 1 and 2 man moves, but when the main break went up the road, I couldn't match the speed and stayed in the field.  For the rest of the race, I took pulls attempting to bring the winning move back.  A few more riders went up the road, all 3 WV guys, including Brad, so I just stayed near the front of the main pack and waited for the final sprint.  In the end, I stayed tucked in behind wheels as long as I could, and finished 2nd in the field sprint, 10th overall.  Brad finished 8th, and Billy finished in the field.  not too bad for 3 cat 3's racing together for the first time.

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