Friday, January 20, 2012

Training is like a hockey game... sometimes it's a fight, but its usually just about the goals

Two weeks ago, the Facebook threads were buzzing about the fantastic Indian Fall weather we were having in January and this week, its blowing up with stories about ice, snow, and cold.  We can't really complain since we have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather, but now that we are getting what should be the norm... well, its all to easy to shake our heads and find an excuse to stay on the couch.

Training Buddies
I could very easily fall into that trap, and that's why it is SO important to me to set realistic and achievable goals this time of year.  My new years resolution is to ride EVERY road in Greene County PA and my goal for January is to get to 500 miles of riding and 100 miles of running. The running part seems a little easier because I can get out from work at lunch and get about 4-5 miles in, where the riding is usually on the trainer (which I find VERY difficult to get motivated for). Fortunately, Joel has been bringing his bike across the street and will ride alongside me while the Pens are on. Every little bit of motivation helps, even if its just knowing that you're not the only one suffering. On a few rare occasions, I've been treated to the companionship of Taylor. While she doesn't stick around for the full hour, she usually doesn't get dropped like Rick Plowman does.

This year I've also been using Strava to track my workouts and compare them with the workouts of some of my friends. If you aren't familiar with it, I suggest you give it a go. There is the option to pay for the site, but being the cheapskate that I am, I haven't taken that plunge yet and still feel that the site has been extremely helpful. Just knowing that other people are tracking your training progress (or lack there of) is sometimes all I need to get on the old reliable Cannondale go for a spin around the living room. Then again, sometimes it takes the motivation of a couple of cold Sam Adams in the cages where the Podium Chills are supposed to go.

2011 Spring Training Race #1
So far, I think I've picked the right fights and I am on target to meet my goals. I'm up to 27 miles running and 315 miles in the saddle for the year. The County Road Map is looking a little pale, but I'll color in some more roads this weekend and post a picture in the blogs to come. One thing is for certain though... I can't wait to join the rest of my teammates at the first of ABRA Training Races. Just think, its now only 58 days away.