Friday, June 10, 2011

Swiftwick comes out with a good "Vibe"

I am sure it is not a surprise to any of you out there that we love our Swiftwick socks and arm warmers here on the DPT Cycling Team. Swiftwick's keep our feet dry and comfortable at the races and our training rides. I personally will wear nothing else. Now guess what?! Swiftwick as a new line of socks that I think are their best yet!

You asked for it, we created the most inspired compression sock on the market. Plush, colorful, and agile for performance, the Vibe mixes every element for an optimal finish. The Vibe shares the linked toe heritage of the Aspire, but adds a little color to your life. Who doesn't want that? Look for the white label on our packaging - after all, the sock has all the color.

Get a pair and try them out! They even guarantee you'll love them!