Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full on racing!

Cranky Monkey
It’s been a while since I have blogged so I'll go back a couple weeks to 9 Hrs of Cranky Monkey just outside of Cumberland, MD. I originally had planned to race Dirt, Sweat, and Gears in TN as a duo with my “Superstar,” I ride his coat tails to a win J.Pok that weekend, but it was canceled. This race was much closer and didn’t look like it had much of a payout, but there wasn’t nothing else going on so it got the pity vote. I arrived on Saturday morning around 8 o’clock and met up with him and some other P-burg guys and chilled out till start time. I was originally going to do the run and go first but my drunken teammate had a last minute change of heart and decided to go anyway. He came in on the first lap with Montana leading, and made a hand off to me. It took a few seconds, and allowed Montana to get a little bit of a gap. I chased hard, and got the legs firing. Within about 5 minutes I closed the gap on him. We rode together hammering for a while and in a little rock garden I dabbed, and he got another gap on me again. I chased hard toward the end of the lap, and missed a poorly marked turn and went up into a pavement parking lot. As I circled back I get passed by the DCMB team. I made it back and went out for my 2nd lap. It went well and I get us back in to 2nd place overall. I handed off to a sobered up JPok. He went out turned some Smoking Fast laps to put us back in the lead. I then went out for my 3rd lap and about half way threw Ian from DCMB caught me and stepped it up to a blistering pace. We were flying by a lot of lapped people. As we came to the end of the 3rd lap, in a tight spot he got to make a pass and accidentally startled the guy. As that rider jumped off, he kicked my 705 off my bars. I chased it down over the bank into the edge of the lake. I got back on track and finished up the lap. I went out on my 4th lap and just tried to keep the pedals turning and staying smooth, but still managed to flat the rear tire on a long rocky downhill. I hit it with air and it wouldn’t seal. I changed it, but still got passed by DPow in the process. We were in 3rd again. I finished that lap up with 15 psi in my tire and sent JPok back out. He put us up in 2nd, and we stayed there till the end of the race. He did 7 laps and I did 6. Good race by the DCMB Team and Montana and Dpows team for keeping us in check. It started raining after the awards so I decided to go home.

Tour De Lake
I wasn’t planning on racing because my Grandpa was in Hospital and I had been in Cleveland earlier in the week, but at the last minute the wife told me to go for it so I made my way to Spencer WV. I arrived about an hour early. I got registered and got a little warm up in on the SS. The race started and we climbed up the pavement. I got into the wood 2nd behind Brad Schmalzer. We climbed for a bit, and then it flattened back out. I rode 2nd in a small group of about 5 riders for the first 20 minutes. Brad asked if I wanted around and I said sure and laid a small attack down and was able to get a good 30 seconds on the group. I continued to keep the pace high finishing the 1st lap. The 2nd lap had a bit more climbing. As I’m nearing the finish I hit a switch back, and crashed pretty hard. I dusted myself off and finish the race to take the overall win. Good day for a race and the driest I have ever seen it there.

Tour of Tucker.
I hadn’t raced the road bike in about a month going into this race, but I made my way to Tucker County WV for the soon to be famous Tour of Tucker ABRA Road Race #3. The race started a little bit after 12 and off we go. We started from the bottom of the climb on Sugarland Road. The pack of 20+ 123 riders started off at a good pace and reached the bottom of Location road. Shifters clicking, we started climbing up, up, and up. The pace never really was too high. We reached the top, but I miss judged the KOM prime, and somehow a small group got off the front. The group I was in never really worked together very well so it took a while, but we caught them all but 2 riders. We hit the fast down hill and I hit 48.8 mph on it. As we went out for are second climb back up Location road, the moto was telling us splits of 1 min 30 sec to the 2 riders ahead. Bob S of team Gop and I were doing most of the work and no one else was really helping Nearing the top, Bob put in a big dig, and I tried to follow. He made about 10 second gap on me and I had about 10 seconds on the pack. As we got closer to the top, they reeled us both back and we continued to ride at a slow pace around the loop. We hit the down hill and back toward Sugarland we went. As we came to the base of the climb we all stayed close for the first few minutes and then that was when I decided to not dig any deeper and just started spinning my way to the top. I finished 13th on the day. Check out the Link to my GPS data. 7333 ft of climbing in 54 miles.

Race Data!

Next up the Mohican 100 this Saturday in OH.

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