Monday, September 14, 2015

So,What Have You Been Up To Since We Last Spoke?

I think the most frequently asked question I get is "how do your legs always look so shiny and smooth?" Well, maybe that's not the most FREQUENT question..........But a good question none the less....

The most frequently asked question I get is "I have not seen you lately, what have you been doing with yourself?" As you can guess, my answer is simple, "Enjoying life with my family and friends!!!"

This race season has been so much fun because of the great people I associate with on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. We really can say that we are friends and more importantly, A FAMILY (however dysfunctional we can be at times).  We really had a great season racing with one another this year and posted some great results.

JR was 4th overall at Tuesday Night Worlds (aka ACA Masters Race) and the team was 3rd overall in points.

Devin was 3rd overall in the ABRA road race series

We also took a great team vacation to Deep Creek Maryland in July where we could all relax, enjoy each others company, and of course ride bikes. Oh, and watch that little bike race in France that goes on each July. Tour De Something or other.....

It was an awesome long weekend away from the everyday stresses that life brings us. We took a nice long ride each day and then came home and BBQ and the soaked in the hot tub. We may have had a few adult beverages, but i'll never tell. (we did)
So back to reality after our trip, Jr and Gina ventured up from West 'by goodness' Virginia and met me, Steph, Jim, Kendall, and Bri for a Pirates game. Fun was had by all that night!! Even by some folks we didn't know, we have been known to be quite and entertaining crew to hang out with n' at.

As it so happened, our waitress was a student at WVU, but we had to show her the 'how to tell how many days in the month' knuckle game......Kids these days don't know squat!!

Hmm, what did I do in August? Well I spent some time with one of my oldest friends that now lives in Northern Virginia.  We just spent a few days hanging out reminiscing about all the dumb things we did growing up together, and in my case, may still do!?!?!?

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why he was in town was because one of our mutual friends had his father pass away suddenly.  It got me to thinking just how short life can be and that I should appreciate it everyday and appreciate all the wonderful people in my life.

So with that, what will the remainder of the year bring? Not in any particular order:

Good Friends

Did I say bikes?!?!?!?

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!!