Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The Road Season may have come to an end but it's not time to be laying around!

We all plan for a road racing season months before the weather is even conducive for riding road bikes outside on the streets of the northern states. That's the reality we live in so that's what can we do to get fit for February and March. The fact is that we all want to perform well for our teams so we spend a lot time and money to ensure we are ready to compete.

If you are new to racing you probably bought the Cyclists Training Bible and/or signed up on Strava. You get on your bike as much as possible to get some training hours in. Riding is definitely better than NOT riding at all. Your new to the sport and so simply being active in the off season is OK. 

If you have been racing for a year or 2 you have an idea of what it takes to be a leader in your category. Maybe you write some structured workouts or a monthly workout plan. You base your hours off of the book the read last year. Maybe you bought a power meter based on recommendation of a friend and now your going to "figure this numbers thing out." You plan and work hard from January to March to be a great competitor and an All around Swell Guy or Gal!

If you've been racing for 3 or more years you have some idea that power numbers mean something to the coaches or to your best buddy that's a cat 1 racer. You have decided you will buy a carbon bike and a power meter (if you don't already have one.)  Before you know it you are on the 600 hour annual training plan to race the cat 3 field in your local racing scene. You prey each day your bike doesn't break because you could never afford to repair it. You drink lots of Coffee because Jens does but you don't eat because you cant afford that and bike repairs!

If you have been racing for more years than 4 you are in the seasoned rider category. You probably understand that you don't know it all. You train with power. You have a structured training plan using interval training. You probably have a coach. You train a lot. I mean lots. You never see your family. You call off from work to get in extra training hours. You wear Embro and Shammy Cream to bed hoping it will speed recovery. " WoW- I'm going Pro next season!"

Regardless of what level you ride, this time of year is the Roadies Reflection Period and time to plan for the upcoming year. For me this means that I dabble in some CX and MTN riding and prepare for an annual end of season vacation with my wife Caito. We all need some time off the bike or just some unstructured fun time on the bike. We all need to spend a little extra time with our families and show them we appreciate the months full of sacrifices they make.  After all - most of us are not being paid to race bicycles and our families put up with us acting like we do!

This is my time to give thanks. SO - Thank you Caito for putting up with the hours I put into training and competing. I can't do it without you! Thanks to all the sponsors that help support my athletic endeavors; Dynamic Physical Therapy and Pathfinder of WV- for Title Sponsorship of the team,  ABRA-for making races happen, Cannondale-for giving me a beautiful carbon machine, Kenda Tires- for giving confidence in all conditions, Swiftwick-for giving me superior foot comfort, Pro Gold Lubricants (Bruce)-because only you can satisfy EJ Hubs with the best cleaning products and lubes in the world (an almost impossible feat!), Red Rose Imports-for getting JR Petsko goods, Performance Coaching-for being TRUE to athletes of our region, Sketches by Anne- for creating monuments that last, Nalini Custom- for padding the punch, and to Apothecary Ale House & Cafe/Morgantown Brewing Company- because you satisfy so many cyclists need for great food and FANTASTIC beer selections after torturing themselves. Unfortunately I don't drink but the rest of the team would parish without you!