Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Late Season Recap

After (20+) races in the spring and summer, fall is a nice break for me. I get to spend extra time with the family, go on vacation, and pretty much catch up on all the things I put off all summer and even have surgery so for the most part no bike riding.

Well, as October rolls around, the 1st Abra Cyclocross race is approaching. I got to spin a few times the week before, and can immediately tell it has been awhile since any real riding has taken place. I converted the Cx to SS, and took it racing. I showed up just outside of Mount Morris, PA. It was cold and raining which was a great way for me to fudge my fitness and try to make up with my riding skills. We took off in the single speed race, Marc Glass gets the hole shot, and I’m right behind in 2nd. We run most of the 1st lap like that, until I found myself drifting backwards in the pack, and in the red very quickly. The gear I had chosen was a little steep for the conditions, and with my lack of fitness I just tried to suffer through it. I finished 10th with my teammate, Gunnar, taking the win. I watched the vet race, and considered going home because I was cold and tired from the first race, but about 5 minutes from the start of 3/4 race my buddy Tim (Gregis Insurance) offered to let me race his sweet IBIS. I swapped pedals quickly and to the start line I went. As we took off I got a good start. I battled back and forth with a few guys, and was able to take 4th on the day. I was happy to just be out riding bikes and having fun.

Round 2 of Abra Monster Cross Day 1

After a few more rides during the week, I made my way to the 1st day of Monster Cross just outside of Morgantown (about 15 min drive from my house, Thanks JR). I once again signed up for Single Speed. We took off, and from the gun Stevo and Gunnar have it pinned. I don’t see them long so I decide to ride my own pace. The conditions were cold with a little mud and wind, but overall still a nice day for a bike race. During the middle of the race my Ebb slips and I had a good bit of chain binding, so I decided to pull out. I had brought my new MT bike, and thought I would race it just to try it out in the ¾ race. I got a good call up, and to the line I go. The race started and I’m able to get a great start and take the hole shot. I really cornered the turns with my fat tires well and made a nice lead. I was able to keep for about ½ of the lap. I then started to slowly drift back. After 3 laps on the run up, I went to shoulder my bike and could tell the mud was really packing in so I made a switch back over to my SS cx bike and was able to pick a few spots back up to finish 7th. I worked on Sunday and missed day 2 of Monster Cross.

Round 4 of Abra Bruceton CX

I traveled to Bruceton Mills to the Park’s farm for Round #4 of the Abra CX Series. I decided to skip the single speed race, and put gears back on the caad 9. By the time the 3/4 race started at 1:15 p.m., I was able to slip into shorts and a jersey. I tried to get a good warm up in and then finally I headed to the line with a good group of fast 3/4 ‘s. I once again got the whole shot and held it for about 1./2 a lap. I overcooked it a little trying to stay up front and had to back off a little on the 2nd lap. About 20 minutes into the race, I started to feel a little better and was able to reel a few guys back in. The course was super-fast and fun. I finished 7th once again. I lined up in the 123 race a few minutes later. I started in the back, and pretty much stayed there. A lot of HP in this group, I just worked on spinning and riding the barriers. I even got to make a few laps on my road bike. All in all, it was a great race!