Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tomac Bikes Makes it Official for 2011

When the DPT cycling team hits the dirt in the upcoming 2011 season it will be on a Tomac! We are extremely excited about the news and can hardly wait to take that first ride on our new machines. Why Tomac? They know mountain bikes! Here is what their official website has to say!

We believe in simple, hard core, quality products that are made by the people who use them.

Bikes with exceptional ride quality are the result of spending hours and hours in the saddle, not sitting in meetings discussing the marketing advantages of one technology over another. We don't spend time chasing trends. We do not make road bikes, BMX bikes, city bikes or any of these esoteric bikes.

We ride mountain bikes. We know mountain bikes. We make mountain bikes.

Thanks to Joel and all the staff at Tomac. I see many podiums for 2011 thanks to you and your bikes. Looking forward to working with you for years to come! Go Tomac!

Our Machines, The "Flint 29" Sweet!

See the full line up of 2011 Tomac Bikes now on there website!