Thursday, July 29, 2010

XXC Magazine shows us some love.

The fine folks at XXC Magazine ran a story this month recapping the 70 mile Hilly Billy Roubaix which took place last month. We were all there taking part in the great event and we did well. However one of us really shined that day. Betsy put in what she said may have been here best every race. And that girl has done some racing. She not only won the Women's Open category she finished the event 9th overall. XXC Magazine also realized this and ran a photo of her climbing one of the nasty hills of the day that was almost a full two page spread. Nice work Betsy and great job.

Oh and don't let me forget she was on a single speed!

You can purchase a copy of this months issue on line for home delivery or a digital copy at

I see that Ergon logo on your rear!

Betsy on the podium at the Hilly Billy Roubaix

Thanks to Jason Mahokey at XXC Magazine for the great article and Ben Stephens for the great pictures. Now everyone run out and get a copy! Well I guess you could just do it right from your computer. Wow aint technology grand.