Friday, April 9, 2010

First Race, First Podium!

This past weekend the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team took part in their first scheduled race for 2010, the Morgantown Road Race. Betsy wasn't waiting long to continue here winning ways from 2009. She collected her first podium place of the year by finishing second in the Women's 1/2/3 category.

Looking sharp in the 2010 team kit

As always Betsy was all smiles!

Chris took on a extremely fast Men's 1/2/3 category and finished 39th, a good showing for the endurance mountain biking specialist. Look for Chris to be picking up his own podium finishes very soon!

Robbie line up for the Category 4/5 race which held the strongest 4/5 field in ABRA racing history. Robbie hung toe to toe with some of the fast to finish 43. Good job Robbie!

Gunnar took part in the 40+ Category that was a dog fight until the final mile. IN the lead group for most of the day, Gunnar finished 9th for the team. Look for Gunnar to finish strong next weekend after Betsy getting the best rest in the house award this week.

Team coach Rob Acclauatti came out of retirement for a day to take part in the local event. There was a lot of happy people to see Coach Rob back on the bike. That didn't include the Men's 1/2/3 field however, most remembered how fast the former road pro was and the past beatings they took.