Monday, January 18, 2010

A visit to the Westover office!

With Monday being a holiday it was the perfect time to visit our sponsor Dynamic Physical Therapy to become a little more familiar with what makes them the premier physical therapy provider in the area. Of course to give it our own special touch Gunnar, Betsy and I rode to the meeting. Robbie Loehr met us at the office but unfortunately Chris was unable to make it in from D.C. Everyone was excited and I am sure a little nervous but no one would admit it.

We took a few steps inside and it only took Joanna a few seconds to come out and greet us. She had never met any of us, but I am sure the tights were a dead giveaway on who we were. Course maybe her speed had something to do with her not wanting us scaring any of the nice patients in the waiting room.

After a nice meet and greet with Joanna we proceeded into their treatment room. It was filled with stretching tables, workout equipment and lots of other pieces they use in treatment. It wasn't long before we were joined by Rob Acciavatti (also our coach, Performance Coaching Service) who is the Clinical Director at the Westover location. Rob and Joanna then talked to us in detail about what makes Dynamic PT different from the others. I was really impressed with their ideas on patient care. At Dynamic the focus is on one-to-one care, not on how many patients they can get in and out of the door. You could tell on Rob's and Joanna's faces that they were proud of that.

After spending some time in the treatment area we all went back into one of the offices to sit down and chat some more. We learned about Dynamic's history, locations and a bit more about their philosophy. There are three locations in Morgantown alone, talk about patient convenience. Not having to drive across Morgantown when there is a clinic right near by sure is a handy thing if you ask me.

After their presentation we continued our chat. It felt really good to hear their excitement about the team too. They even had a bunch of pens, squeezy-balls, and t-shirts for us. How cool!

On the way out we couldn't help but take the photo below. Watch for it in your Sunday inserts.